Ned Ludd

Techno? Rave? Dub? Jungle? Trance? House? Não gosto e tenho raiva a quem gosta. Faço minhas as palavras do mítico guerrilheiro inglês Ned Ludd, que combateu a Revolução Industrial e que numa carta de ameaça enviada a um industrial (em 1812) escreve isto: «Information has just been given that you are the owner of those detestable shearing frames, and I have been asked by my men to give you a warning to pull them down. If they are not taken down by the end of next week, I shall send at least 200 men to destroy them. If you fire at my men, they have orders to murder you and burn all your houses. Go to your neighbours and inform them that the same fate awaits them if their frames are not taken down».