Já que perguntaste

PEG: So, do you have a girlfriend?

that got to do with anything?

PEG: Maybe that's your problem.

MATTHEW: Do I have a problem?

PEG: Of course you do.

MATTHEW: Oh yeah, and what do
you think my problem is?

PEG: I don't think you get laid enough.

MATTHEW: Is that so?

PEG: Well, what kind of relationship could a man as screwed up as you possibly have?

MATTHEW: I don't have relationships.

PEG: You love 'em and leave 'em, huh?

MATTHEW: I don't
love anybody.

PEG: You mean, you just
have a girl.

MATTHEW: I take what I can get. Now if you're through talking, do you want to go out back and fuck?

(Edie Falco e Martin Donovan, Trust, 1990, de Hal Hartley, ed. port. Midas)